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There is a lot of jargon associated with wine which makes it seem over-complicated, but I am on a mission to demystify it through sharing what I have learnt from over 15 years of experience as a wine specialist in the hospitality industry

My fascination for wine and enjoyment of hosting events begun at the tender age of 18, when I secured my first full-time job at a Central London Champagne Bar. After a tour to some famous Champagne Houses in France I was hooked and determined to develop my wine knowledge. I have been trained at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and for the last few years worked for UK’s leading brewery Fuller, Smith & Turner, where I won trade magazine, Imbibe, Short Wine List Of The Year.

Through my tasting evenings, social/corporate events, or training, I aim to share my passion in an engaging, fun and relaxed way to enhance your enjoyment of wine at any occasion.